The Truth About Misplaced Confidence

There’s nothing wrong with confidence, but what about when there is an element of kidding ourselves attached to it–bravado, hubris…what then?

Two nights ago I had a dream in which I was making bread. I put all the ingredients into a bag and placed it in an adjoining room to proof. But before I shut the door on it, I looked at it and thought something wasn’t right and I then realized that I had forgotten to put flour into the mix! Was I already aware that I knew I didn’t know what I was doing so much so that I had to hide it in another room?

Confidence based on a lie, deceptions and uncertainty may work occasionally or for a short time, but relying on it to help you advance will lead only to a suffering much greater than owning up to not having as much of it as you’d like in the first place. There is little to no room for growth in using this model. Wisdom potential, relationships and your own soul will suffer dearly for it.

Takeaway: There is real confidence to be gained by acknowledging your failings.

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