The Truth About Suffering

Have you noticed how so many people seem to be suffering? I’m talking mostly about people who have not even had the life experiences of war, suffered lack or real anguish-inducing times. People now ‘suffer’ when they are deprived of wi-fi, when their Instagram uploads don’t get enough ‘likes’ or when someone voices a contrary opinion. The threshold of suffering has plummeted and our programming has allowed for us to accept it as normal.

I don’t want to sound as if I have all the answers to why we suffer because I don’t, but my sources reveal that those who settle here tend to base their suffering on strong feelings of injustice, things are rarely seen as ‘fair’ to them. And instead of learning and growing from early pains of separation, unrequited love or lost love, they cling to these painful feelings and the old pains become anchors for fresh miseries.

There is a feeling attached to this type of suffering that says, “I am a good person, so why aren’t I treated better and why won’t others love me the way I want them to.” As much as we continue to give, we find that nothing is returned. We suffer rejection and lack of appreciation.  We’re looking and expecting so much and when we don’t get what we want we nosedive into depression, a warm, gooey misery that has become a comfort that we snuggle into like a favorite blanket.

Part of suffering is the joy we get out of complaining about the injustice and the attention we can scrape together through sympathy and the company of others like us. It is a trap we set for ourselves when we place expectations on all of our good deeds. (Incidentally ‘good deeds’ with expectations attached to them are not good deeds, they are reward seeking and selfish.)

Suffering is about the patterns we create early on.  It is an inability to understand that shit does happen whether it come  in the form of unrequited love or someone not holding the door open for you. We move on, gain strength from it when we can and know that nature takes care of itself.  Perhaps what hurts us the most is when we attempt to change the nature of something and become disappointed and wonder why it never works.

Relieving suffering may be about releasing the oppressed voice and person within you who you’ve kept down for so long. Bringing in other important aspects of who you are will create a balance that can much more easily combat depression and negative self-talk which leads to what you call suffering.

If perceived injustice is causing you suffering, balance must first be made within yourself in order to deal with troubles in a mature, reflective and reasoning way. And now you know that the cause of suffering is not external to you, it’s seed lies deep within.

I hope you found some insight in this post or can share it with someone who may need to read it. We can heal ourselves! Contact me and/or follow me on Instagram for Reading discounts or a consultation. @librocioKnows

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