The Truth About Avoidance

Avoidance exists on a scale.  There are significant avoidances and everyday avoidances. Avoidance of doing the dishes is only significant if there is a pattern of avoidance which leads to disorder in one’s life and living amongst chaos.

Significant avoidances make us uncomfortable. They are the things that pressure us into behaviors and ways of thinking that we don’t like. Not because they are bad, but because they are undeveloped and unfamiliar. The funny thing about avoidances is that they can’t exist without good intentions first opening the door for them to manifest.

Now there are many reasons we avoid things, but my sources reveal that the main reason is an unwillingness to change. Sounds pretty obvious on the surface, but what makes avoidance so painful is that they are dream killers. We want a lot for ourselves because we are such big dreamers and our imaginations allow us to imagine far beyond ordinary goals. We begin to see possibilities of greatness and the abundance that our imagination presents, but then we don’t allow ourselves to imagine our dreams becoming reality and instead focus on the difficulties involved in reaching these goals. The process of change starts to feel unpleasant and we settle back into the comforts of what we already have and what we already know.

It’s a cycle we repeat on different levels. We step out of our heads periodically and take stock of our lives, knowing with certainty that change is required. We gain strength in this knowing, then slide back into our comfort zones with a host of ready excuses. We conjure up doubt, logistical problems, past failures and blame our dreams on youthful idealism. We are masterful with our excuses in order to avoid doing what we really need to do. And through the excuses, we plaster a smile on our face and tell ourselves that we’re just gonna ‘go with the flow’. That hippy dippy saying may sound good, but you know, and I know that it’s horseshit.

Takeaway:  Our dreams are not meant to languish in neverland, nor are they strictly meant for the young to enjoy. Aim high, share them with others, learn from your mistakes and understand that avoidance is death. It is the executioner. It is the denier of growth and it turns a rut into an easy chair.

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