The Truth About Forgiveness

Forgiveness is not for wimps and it’s not about choosing between letting go or revenge. The greatest strength of will and character is needed to forgive. On one hand it entails addressing pain caused by trusted loved ones or confidants and on the other, the violations imposed on us by low vibration people whose sole purpose is to take from others and further their own selfish agendas.  Forgiveness is deeply tied to our emotional investments and physical disturbances that cause discomfort.

Forgiveness does not mean having to identify with those who violate us or to allow bad behavior to keep happening to us because we’ve created patterns of forgiveness. It means having the strength and ability to know when it is okay to allow people back or to walk away. When we forgive people for pains they’ve caused us, that is the moment for reflection and time to exercise our will to either cut ties and move on or rebuild and strengthen the relationship if you think that’s possible.

Freedom is at the core of forgiveness.  It allows us to move out of dark head spaces that breed anger and bitterness. If we can get over the idea of revenge or slander, the power of forgiveness really does remove the chains of mental and emotional slavery we impose on ourselves. Perhaps we think justice must be imposed and maybe it does, but justice is not the same as forgiveness and it doesn’t necessarily eliminate lingering feelings of anger and pain. Forgiveness with or without justice, allows us to get on with our lives. It’s like removing the scum from the surface of your mental pond. It’s cleaning the bugs off our windshields and moving forward without having to deal with the emotions that persist.

Forgiveness is about elevating higher. It is not about letting someone else off the hook, it is about releasing yourself from the hook.

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