The Truth About Influences

Are our influences creating balance in our lives or are they suppressing our natural instincts?

A parent’s job is to influence their children in a positive way so that they become stable people who can then positively contribute to society. We benefit from those who influence and encourage us and we become better people for it.

Our influences today are generally not geared toward our personal growth, wisdom and knowledge.  In the modern world, influence is pressed upon us to form our opinions regarding things far removed from spirit or attainment of a higher sense of self. Social Media anoints celebrities and other ‘stars’ of the reigning media platforms as ‘influencers’ or ‘tastemakers’, virtually announcing that these ‘starred and check-marked’ royalty are the ones who matter when it comes to deciding what is good for us and what is relevant to all life. We are told what to spend our money on, what to look like, how to behave, what to believe in–basically how to live our lives. And when we deviate we are marginalized, belittled, called foolish and uncool because our denial of forced control and mass programming poses existential threats to anyone who has already drunk the Kool-Aid. I’ve experienced this for over 30 years in various forms and technology has only amped it up.

I wrote quite a bit about influences in my book Toxic Rainbows, but here I will limit my thoughts to what I’ve been presented with by my Divine sources

Everything cycles through and repeats itself. Things change and morph with the march of time, they are built up, recreated, destroyed and rebuilt in an ever-changing fashion. Through our fiery motivations, we become part of these cycles and repeating trends and we are gifted with insight by the wisdom of others. It is the ancient symbol of the ouroborus that represents this eternal regeneration.

Now the big question is, Do we as individuals have the strength to resist the calls to conform, to instead listen to the sound of our own voices and respond to the desire for our souls to expand? Or are we unable to present our untested self without first having all aspects of our personas first test marketed and pre-approved for public consumption? Are we so blind to authenticity that we claim it when we are much closer to being cookie cutter versions of the next person? Surely, I’m not speaking about you, but maybe you know someone who fits the type I describe.

The takeaway here is that our greatest influences are the ones we ignore. The small voices that can’t be heard above the din of conformity, the obscure messages from your subconscious and the powers of intuition that are easily lost to doubt. These are the influences that will make a difference in your life.

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