Working Together


Whether your issue is characterized as large or small, I can help. I am a healer and deprogrammer. I help clear mental debris and assist people to overcome ordinary or complex life issues that prevent them from making decisions because of doubt, uncertainties and fear. My work can be of a domestic or real world nature or can address issues that cause emotional, spiritual or mental suffering. Together we strengthen the I-Beams of the soul and allow for true vision and insight to be yours once again.

There are very few people who don’t need assistance or guidance in helping him or her live more constructive, abundant and joyful lives. My work addresses how we obstruct our own paths of achievement and happiness. My purpose is to help others ignite the fires within and to assist them in removing the physical and mental blockages that prevent growth and happiness. When we work together you will feel better about your direction, more confident with your choices, relationships and your overall outlook on life will improve.

The wonderful people I work with are of diverse backgrounds and experiences. They all have different goals and often seek answers whose roots are often in unseen patterns and behavior; they gain insight on their direction and become better equipped to understand how to proceed in difficult circumstances.

As an Intuitive Counselor, I utilize my life coach training as well as insights drawn from real world experience, logic, reasoning, and symbolism brought to my attention from my subconscious as well as insight of a Divine, higher source communicated to me through the tarot.

Single sessions, $40 (30-45 mins) can be booked by contacting me at:

Bookings can also be made by direct messaging me through Instagram: @librocioknow

Multiple sessions and sessions with follow-up can be arranged or discussed by contacting me at the email above.

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