The Truth About Deception

I had a dream in which I discovered that someone I admired and was learning valuable information from was a heartless serial killer. The dream coincided with my reading a book about familiar spirits and the possibility of good or bad influences communicating with us in our dreams. I took the dream to mean that I was possibly being deceived by an entity that wanted me to have doubt about something I cared about, or perhaps my subconscious brought out doubt that was already there. Who can be sure when it comes to these things, but the timing of the two was interesting.

On the surface, deception seems pretty straightforward and doesn’t need explanation, but there are subtleties and these are the thoughts I’d like to give you that were shared with me.

Deception is the hallmark of those who are incapable of learning as they go. It is always about subverting truth and keeping others in the dark, sometimes to get what they want, other times so they don’t appear foolish, unkind or flawed in some way.  People that are deceptive will seek others out who they know can be fooled or manipulated and avoid those who may see through their charade. Their lies can range from insignificant to massive. And even in the face of catastrophe, they will try to tell you that what you see with your own eyes is not as it seems or that it’s not that bad. This may seem just like gaslighting, but there is an element to deceptors that does actually care and their lies carry remorse, unlike most narcissists or avid gaslighters.  

These people have gone through cycles and patterns, never learning as they go, but always eager to be accepted in work and personal relationships.  The problem is that their deceptions arise out of fear of failure and a blindness to life lessons that if they paid attention to, they would not feel the need to deceive others.

What habitual deceptors never understand is that they only deceive because they don’t pay attention to life as it unfolds. In the end they will take stock of their lives, assess how things have played out and see that they have not gotten very far. And keep in mind, I do not equate wealth and stuff with advancement and in the end, neither will they. They will find that what they always wanted never quite manifested.

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