The Truth About Role Play

This morning I went to Youtube and my account was logged out so I was seeing the site as it is presented to anyone going there for the first time. None of my followed channels or interests showed up, just the stuff that they want to impose on whoever goes to the site. No surprise that the hand-picked offerings were pure distraction and vapid uselessness. But among the very mainstream and overhyped timewasters were a number of channels and topics devoted to Role Play. At first I found this odd that it should factor so high up on their programming hierarchy, but seeing it as an element of control, it made more sense.

When used to enrich the imagination and as an aid to problem solving, role play is a wonderful tool. But how useful is it when grown men imagine themselves to be dogs or give valuable time and energy to identifying with characters more suitable to and designed for children? At what point does this go beyond a playful fetish or brief foray into fantasyland and become something that stifles our maturity and oppresses our spiritual growth? Has our culture created way too many outlets for us to deny the true roles we are meant to play by normalizing fantasy lifestyles, allowing us to constantly opt out of reality? The examples are too numerous to mention–the Comicons, virtual reality, online gaming, the superhero, the choose-your-gender hysteria are but a few of the contributors that may entertain, but are devoid of soul and nature.  We are being led down a path that takes us very far from who we really are and abandonment of self and soul, is by definition soulless.

In order to understand where we are now or if we want to use words like blame or cause, we have only to look at our own culture and the mass media to see how we got where we are.

In a word, role play is subjugation. And like most insidious types of oppression, this form presents itself in the guise of freedom and entertainment.

In his past, the person now engaged in unhealthy role play, may have been deprived of a life that allowed for the nurturing of a balanced mind and spirit or perhaps he did not want to disengage from behaviors that only encouraged an imbalance that now manifests as an enhanced life of fantasy.

To the player, role play is a reward that creates a feeling of unity and purpose. The unusual experience of role play is to give of himself, all the while denying truth. He can’t walk away from or confront an unpleasant truth in his actual reality, yet he engages in what appears and feels to be the utmost in harmony which is really based in pure fantasy. It’s an All Access Pass to the New Babylon, a march to freedom that goes nowhere and only circles back on itself.

There is a deep sadness associated with extreme fantasy and it appears that love and acceptance–creating a wonderful union of beliefs and emotion is at the heart of serious role play. But the harmony yearned for and joy derived from role play is like a drug high that always wears off. It never lasts and it can never be honestly felt as genuine until the real person that is buried beneath the layers of fantasy can come forth and engage with others who seek out that unique person that’s been hidden away. That is where true harmony is born. Until then, after the capes, the magical tights and pony harnesses are stashed away, the story of role play will forever end in loneliness and heartbreak.

My intention was not to offend anyone by this, but this is the message I received and it does ring true to me. I certainly don’t want to see the end of costume parties, dressing up for fun and having a good time, but I do think about imbalances and how so many people seem to struggle with reality these days.

I hope that you found this useful. Please share with anyone else who may enjoy it or may benefit from reading it.
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