The Truth About Hysteria

Hysteria is a manufactured mental disorder that preys on the minds of those easily influenced by suggestion. Disorder and confusion are not by-products of hysteria, but causes of it. Schemes that create insecurity are inoculated into susceptible minds by those who prey on the weak. The planted ideas germinate and the result is a paralysis of dread and fear that prompts those under its spell to respond to life like a sputtering chainsaw.

Repetition plays a major role in establishing a foothold of dread and angst in a victim of hysteria. They are battered and attacked at every turn with conditions and ideas that are interpreted as being proof that hysteria is justified. They torment over ‘dire’ situations that they imagine to be constantly unfolding and convulsively wield their chainsaws to prevent their untimely demise which they think to be right around the corner. They even misinterpret innocence and playfulness as a threat to their survival and all that they believe to be good and right.

There is a lack of perception and cognitive ability that contributes to hysterical behavior. Perhaps paranoia contributes or it develops along with the disorder itself. Either way, paranoia acts as a starter for this dreadful loaf that never stops rising. If unchecked, it will continue to develop into something larger and so unwieldy that logic and reason will have no chance to assist in recovery.

Ironically, conflict resolution is what is desired while it’s discord that is created within our own minds and spreads to those around us. We yearn to be the men and women who are respected and looked to for answers and we hope that our hysterical ravings will reach the ears of those who ‘get it’ and convert others to our way of seeing and believing.  Then we can be crowned and enthroned for admiration and worship.

Hysteria, whether created all on our own or instigated by others has one function, to destroy. It systematically puts an end to any forward movement, understanding and growth. It snuffs out the possibility of a happy ending and leaves the victim dumped roadside on a path that was already once taken, but is now overgrown with brush, rock and debris. Hysteria puts an end to all possibility.  Flyswatter, meet the fly.

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