The Truth About Virtue

Virtue is undefiled purity. It is a gift of love. It is a gift imparted to those who feel acts of kindness and empathy. Virtue resides in the heart of man, not his brain. You see, virtue is not a determination of what you consider to be ‘good’, virtue is just doing it without thinking of its rewards or how it might benefit others.

The truth about virtue is most easily accessed by looking at what it is not. Virtue is not about seeking! It is not about trying to find the most obscure and disenfranchised person to hold up to the world as an example of injustice. It is not about shaming or creating chaos to help further the cause of pet issues. It is not about searching for imbalance outside of yourself. It is not about selective giving. And perhaps most importantly, it is not about you or how good you think it makes you look to be doing nice things for others or to protest causes that you think others will respect you for.  That’s not virtue, that’s narcissism and attention seeking all done while proclaiming that you’re better than those who have not ‘proven’ their virtue.

Virtue goes beyond hollow acts of giving or programmed belief systems. Virtue is something you feel, not something you do. Virtue is an expression of love without attachments or expectations. Virtuous behavior doesn’t require press releases or Facebook updates–it’s just something that is.

If virtue is a gift bestowed upon us by a higher power, it is the individual possessing it who benefits the most from his own true virtuous nature.  Be good to yourself, love yourself, express true feelings of virtue and your rewards won’t be accolades, but nature giving back to itself.

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