The Truth About Awareness

I think about the word awareness often and it occurred to me that not everyone understands it in the same way. For some it is an ability to discern truth buried amongst falsehoods and misinformation. For others it is something imposed on us by a system that always seems to be telling us about things it thinks we have no clue or opinion about.

Unlike grassroots education that can utilize symbolic imagery, awareness is rarely brought about through government or corporate sponsorship and is not about colored ribbons we can pin to our chests or rubber bracelets that tell everyone how informed we are about the causes du jour. That type of indoctrination/programming is not about enlightening or cautioning, it’s about politics, fundraising and taking sides. It is about removing avenues of thought and opinion under the guise of important issues. This veers into virtue signaling which I wrote about previously.

Self-Awareness is an enlightenment that comes from honestly examining the self and working toward becoming the most ideal and realized YOU that you can be. This is not to be confused with self-consciousness, which has a way of debilitating personal growth.  When we obsessively compare ourselves to others and stress about what they may think of us or agonize over how we stack up–that’s not awareness, that’s paranoia and creates identity issues. Self-examination that opens the door to awareness is non-judgmental and is meant to alleviate our inner pains, not create more. Once an inner understanding is activated, we perceive that distracted focus on issues outside of ourselves serves only to drive us further from the awareness that matters.

An awareness whose roots originate within the self breeds empathy and naturally extends to the care and concern for others without the application of pressure or guilt.

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Published by Jim Lucio

Writer and advisor. I am currently working on my second book.

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