I love change and have always been the one to feel excitement for anyone moving away or leaving a job, thrilled for the potential that adventurous people create in their lives. Thus, it’s no surprise that I feel some frustration when I see stagnation, lack of movement and fear of change–especially when there is complaining associated with it.

One of the greatest illusions concerning change is that it is too often associated with imbalance. We sometimes think that change will throw our whole life out of whack, but the opposite is closer to the truth. Positive change (and we know the difference) is about creating balance and equilibrium. Refusal of change is a denial of nature and the natural evolution and progression of things. This denial, this twisted sense of self-protection, is what creates the imbalance.

Change and personal advancement comes more easily to those who embrace the many positive aspects and choose not to dwell on the negative possibilities of what change may bring. The universal anxieties associated with change include loneliness, heartbreak, penury, and making bad choices. But I believe that the greatest obstacle has little to do with preparing for the outcome and everything to do with confrontation of the self.

We can talk ourselves out of change and convince ourselves that it’s a bad idea, but real change requires transformation and the shedding of outmoded skins and behaviors that cushion us from experiencing the new. It requires a form of alchemy that rids our mind and body of thoughts and behaviors that no longer serve us.

The self-transformation that comes with change makes us impervious to the squawking of non-believers and doubters. We take pride in our shiny new skins and watch as others around us give us that look that says, “What are they doing that I’m not.”.

Change is not giving up on something or leaving anything behind. It is part of a necessary cycle that gives birth to miraculous newness.

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