The Truth About Gang Theory

These days hatred is expressed much more openly, loudly and without thinking than is love.  Equilibrium then becomes largely unattainable and imbalance is accepted as normal. Even for those who don’t think in such terms or understand the Law of Polarity, they do feel the effects of imbalance and know that something is not right, that this psychic confusion is not normal. And that something is amiss.

Imagine swimming with cement shoes and you desperately want to dive over into the deep end and enjoy the cool water there, but you can’t because you’ve committed to those shoes. You know there is more, but you’ve grown so attached to what is in the shallow end that taking the shoes off may give someone the wrong impression. Maybe you’ll be accused of enjoying deep refreshing waters, perhaps you’ll lose friends who only like to cling to what they know and what they’ve been told. So we tell ourselves that it’s safer down here in this ‘supportive’, and protected shallow end.

Why do we keep our cement shoes on? Because we equate love and acceptance with what we’re attached to. And if we lack true love, we will believe whatever we need to and label just about anything ‘love’ in order to manufacture a false sense of balance. But nature doesn’t work that way and we can’t really fool ourselves into believing it either. So we remain unhappy because our false sense of love is compounded by fear of loss, rejection and of being wrong.

This is a tricky thing to digest. We think we love what we become attached to because we inherently need to experience real love.  So if we reject useless attachments, we are viewed as unloveable both to ourselves and to those whose ‘love’ was rejected. This is Gang Theory. You want out, you die. Now the question we need to ask is, do our attachments produce by-products of love or hate? Freedom or conformity? And are our attachments merely forms of enslavement disguised as community and belonging?

Think long and hard on this and after you do, consider the powerful option of the Gang of One.

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