Inversion and selfishness are at the root of all lies. Lies are not just the inversion of truth, but the inversion and destruction of reason. A lying individual may take up the practice not just to get his way, but for reasons he views as being purely practical.  He may not be clever enough to get away with his fabrications for long, but there will always be more lies and excuses to justify them. A good liar not only lies to others, but to himself as well.

The imagined practicality of telling lies offers the liar opportunity to proceed up the ladder quicker and in his mind, more efficiently. He will view his behavior as a means of succeeding, no matter the cost or harm done to others.  Ethics play no part in his methods and any collateral damage is for his greater good. But when the damage waged begins to unravel, more lies are spun to delay punishment and of being found out. Denial then leads to delusion, a very difficult place to recover from.

For as much as the liar can find just cause and reason to lie, he knows full well that what he does is wrong, so in the heart of every liar is a dreadful uneasiness that will never fade. The falseness that he represents may be glossed over by a sunny disposition, generosity or a veneer of fairness, but his heart remains imprisoned.  Ultimately, the liar bears the most harsh judgement that can be imposed on him because our own hearts can not be deceived by the lies we inflict onto others. And though he may raise a sword of righteousness firmly above his head, his misery can only be relieved by actual truth.

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