The Truth About Victimhood

It’s true that anyone can fall victim to something unwanted whether it be illness, crime or nature, but it’s the labels we impose on ourselves that will determine whether we remain victims or forge ahead as conquerors, strengthened by adversity and accepting of what life puts before us.

When the word victimhood is imposed on us it cultivates ideas of brokenness. It reminds us that we are incomplete and incapable. It denies the concept of strength and holds up false values attached to playing the role of victim. It reminds us again and again that we can’t operate and succeed by our own will, strength and reason.

Victimhood is a ploy we sometimes use to engender sympathy. When used by others to describe our conditions, it is a tool to subjugate and control us. When we are offered reparations or new labels to remind us that we are incomplete, we are being told that we must rely on the powers of stronger people to regain our losses. Claiming victimhood becomes a cry of weakness and a willingness to be controlled. Those who label us victims only deter us from finding the inner strength to overcome.

An acceptance of victimhood denies nature and it puts us in a stranglehold of bondage that retards growth. It refuses the acceptance of past mistakes, pains and misfortune that have the potential to transform us into better, stronger and more realized individuals. Victimhood does not respect our intellect or our creativity. It rejects personal advancement and despises happiness which comes about through processes of acceptance and understanding. Victimhood rejects and suppresses the inherent powers of the individual.

Ultimately victimhood denies us the opportunity to reach our full potential. Victimhood is designed to create unhealthy disturbances within and around those who support it, disturbances that have nothing to do with joy, accomplishment and living a fulfilling life.

Why choose victimhood, when you can choose life.

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