The Truth About Weakness

Seneca, the Roman Stoic philosopher, said that all savageness or cruelty is a sign of weakness. I love this concept and it has inspired me to reflect on its truth.

Our weaknesses are not confirmed when we are physically dominated by someone else. True, debilitating weakness reveals itself in those who lack empathy and intelligence.  People who express empathy and intelligence threaten the feeble-minded. Intelligence inspires bullying and acts of cruelty in order for the actual weak to appear stronger than their minds would otherwise have you believe. These people oppress in order to get their way. If they are incapable of reason, their will is imposed on those around them. Real weakness reveals itself in undignified emotional behavior and a poor understanding of our relation to nature—or what our own nature is.

Strength, on the other hand, is steeped in the nurturing of ourselves and others. It is the protective maternal spirit of love. It is the fiery nature of the microcosmic self who seeks truth and strives to understand how we figure into the greater macrocosm of nature. This creates strength.

Those who think otherwise and operate counter to nature are doomed to repeat the same mistakes and continuously fight a battle whose playing field is in their own minds. On their deathbeds, with downturned lips, will they be satisfied with all those they we able to oppress throughout their lives? And will they have convinced themselves that they were indeed the strong ones?

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