Solitude is the penicillin for a social disease called Social Media.

Solitude is a necessary part of self improvement and personal growth. It allows us to understand that what we grasp for and envy in others is something that actually lies within us. We look so far outside of ourselves, we never realize that the answers and riches we yearn for all lie within. Sometimes you can’t help sounding new agey, but those answers are buried within us and it’s the matrix of the modern world that prevents us from experiencing and knowing this truth.

I wrote a bit about solitude in my book Toxic Rainbows and often find myself reflecting on its importance and how it is so often maligned in the minds of those who can’t stomach the thought of being alone. Solitude informs us as to why we can’t bear to address the problems in our lives. It will open a painful door, that if entered will eventually transform the pain into strength. Solitude is a necessary part of self transformation that does not require make-up, steroids, or gender reassignment.  Solitude gives us the opportunity to know our true selves, to reach conclusions and answers without the force of politics or hidden agendas. When we get to our core selves, these hand-wringing things in life and hyped issues that put us in a froth will not matter in the same way because we are no longer affected by the manipulations that are designed to distract and oppress us.

Take time every day to put your phone away. Put it in a drawer, turn it off, put it in a room away from where you are. Turn off all notifications, consciously realize every time you pick it up and how unnecessary it is to do so.

Consciously be aware of the sickness—your device addiction. Notice how your apps, games and advertising are designed to keep you hooked up to it like a junkie on a slow, continuous drip. Are you really that easily controlled and manipulated that turning off your phone is so unthinkable? That you can’t walk down the street and not see a beautiful day because you’d rather squint into a handheld screen to see something that adds no value whatsoever to your experience? Do you actually think you are missing out on something and if so what was it that you would have missed out on yesterday?  Are you so uncomfortable with discovering your true self that you embrace the distraction of social media by chaining yourself to a device that is the equivalent of an ankle bracelet? Have the plantations really been shut down or have they just been redesigned?

This is not only the truth about solitude, it is the truth about modern slavery.

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