AWARENESS. You know how we’re banged over the head to have ‘awareness’ of things that we are already fully aware of, as if the reminder will make it go away? But what do we do about ELIMINATING the unwanted instead of putting a bow on each one or attaching a pretty colors to them? This is the insidious nature of the ‘wokeness’ concept—a blindness that obscures what is actually important. It is a clouding of truth, nature and our own abilities to overcome. Wokeness is flailing outrage that doesn’t actually allow for healing or overcoming through reason and intelligence. Try not to get triggered as you read these words because the system has applied the idea of ‘wokeness’ to just about everything, so you may never recover if you start getting angry. And just like all things in this evil system, it has inverted truth and reality and has made this word ‘woke’ representative of your mind when in fact, in the system’s own language, it only says that we are fast asleep.

Do you ever wonder how a dark system like this influences every aspect of your life and how it clouds our perceptions? It is a constant drip, drip, drip control over our behavior and emotions.

My question to you is, are you approaching life through your own reasoning and accurate perceptions or are you being controlled by a system which plants emotional triggers, fears and ideology to simply use you?

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