I keep having dreams of the ridiculous and irrational. Things around me make no sense, yet they appear as part of everyday life, though they are upside down and nonsensical. I’m having these dreams because I experience these things in my waking hours all the time.  The Upside Down can’t be seen by the average person because they have accepted the irrational, laugh at the misfortunes of others and have destroyed their empathy and reason by immersing themselves in social media, games, ‘smart’ technology, Hollywood sleaze and the mainstream mockingbird media.

When reality is tampered with and our ability to think and reason has been so weakened to the point we are incapable of knowing the difference, we simply accept the Upside Down as truth.  We’ve been made to feel no reason to think or to discern that anything is out of sorts. Rampant gaslighting from the media has turned this vile form of lying into a national sport and now we do it indiscriminately, with no compunction or thought. It’s what the cool kids are doing.

When the Upside Down finally stops working for us and we are faced with owning up to a paradigm that we’ve avoided and/or denied, many of us will stay in this Upside Down world and embrace mental illness or worse. I predicted this several years ago and now I will continue by saying that mental illness will be held up as a badge of honor. People will wear color-coded bracelets announcing to the world what their illness is. The mentally deranged will be offered countless paths of ‘healing’ and living options for the destructive life choices they’ve made. 

This is what happens when we choose to remain in a state of infantilism, when we choose coloring books over philosophy, and medication over normal sufferings experienced in life, suffering that can have the ability to strengthen and actually heal.

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