The Upside Down World Part 2

Continuing thoughts that I began yesterday…
We are living in a world of make believe where truth is turned on its head. We are made to accept lies and to believe what is clearly utter fantasy, even though our senses tell us something else. Those who’ve been paying attention know what I mean. 

Yesterday I talked about how mental health would become more of an issue as our perceptions continue to collapse and we fall deeper into submission, allowing ourselves to be totally manipulated and controlled. Our ennui will be so bad we won’t even want to break out our adult coloring books to help us unwind. Over time we will accept our mental decline just as we readily allowed it to happen. But FIRST, and this is the point I wanted to make today…FIRST…before the sleeping masses fall deeper into their pits of blind insanity, the sane, the actual thinking, reasoning and feeling people who voice opinions that deviate from the established narrative, those people who question the gaslighting media and corrupt politicians who have been playing this game for decades, THOSE sane people who champion personal identity and culture, will be the first ones accused of mental problems. These independent, courageous thinkers will be castigated for a mental illness that doesn’t exist…and watch as they are treated like garbage even while being called mentally unstable, with no care or empathy attached to the false labeling.  But ultimately, it will be the accusers who begin showing real signs of mental breakdown and they will be placed in pods with 24 hour surveillance and monitoring.

And if we are either labeled insane or truly enter that realm, we can be certain that the system will continue to kill us off as they’ve been doing in oh so many creative ways that are ALWAYS for our well being, safety and for the good of humanity. That is The Upside Down. So, as they say in Invasion of the Body Snatchers, “Don’t Fall Asleep!”.

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