What Is Truth?

Last night I had another night filled with dreams of deception and inversion. I watched as people fabricated stories to maintain narratives that benefitted themselves. Over and over, all night long I encountered people so effortlessly working against the wills and beliefs of others, just to maintain their position or reap financial rewards. Of course, I’m dreaming of this because we see it playing out in the news every day and for three years now I’ve watched and waited for more and more people to start asking the question, ‘What is real?’, ‘What is the truth?’ and there seems to be an avalanche of people beginning to question the manufactured reality in which we live. 

Truth, whether we like it or not, does not always reflect our needs or desires. But the key to creating calm within ourselves is to accept what we have no control over and to know that justice really is blind.  Too often we make assumptions and judgements against people based on an outward sign that we think tells us everything we need to know about them. We create ‘truth’ that is not based on anything real, but something that is only perceived in our mind.

Simply put, truth is understanding both sides of a coin. Truth is expressed in empathy for others. Truth lies within and does not require overpowering others with your beliefs. Truth often sits quietly and watches as others flail around in attempts to force square pegs into round holes. Truth does not need to correct others, yet it can guide those who are capable of accepting. Truth need not be defined by failings or your past. Truth is balanced and where it is not, we use discernment to determine whether we contribute our energies to regain balance. 

Truth is not those things that are ugly, painful and oppressive. Truth is simply using wisdom and your faculties to allow happiness into your life without playing judge and jury to those who have not yet understood real truth for what it is. We can provide empathy and guidance, but ultimately truth and happiness is for us alone to provide to ourselves. And there is plenty of that to go around for anyone who wants it. Is your truth making your happy?

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