Why Grocery Stores?

A friend asked me today why I take photos of myself in the grocery store and I was grateful to get the question. I’ve answered it several times before, but never tire of explaining why I do this.

These ‘Photos from the Matrix’ as I sometimes call them, are a way for me to acknowledge that I live in a time and place that is not of my creation. It’s not of my design, yet I must function in it. I must abide by most of its rules and I must inhabit spaces with others who don’t experience the world in the same way that I do.

I am deeply aware of the artificial that passes as authentic. The generic that passes as unique. The hive mind that passes as hard earned wisdom. I am painfully aware of voices and opinions that would rather exist without push back or question. These voices and the every day surroundings like a grocery store are reminders to me that we live in a programmed and repetitive matrix. There are few surprises as the white mice traverse the aisles for all the easy to find cheeses, mice that allow themselves to be glamoured by the brightly colored boxes or packaging that triggers their programming. This matrix is everywhere. It’s in every app, channel, scroll and click.

Posing in these spaces creates a glitch that annihilates any control over me that the matrix wields. It is the manipulation of something powerful that would otherwise work against me. It’s like holding up the catch of the day for a snapshot. I win.

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