Love and How To Get It

When we FREE OUR MINDS of all that enslaves us—the physical distractions, the upgrades, the shiny new things we can take selfies with—all that useless stuff that’s been put in our path to fragment and create feelings of desire and lack—when we start to do that, the mysteries of life begin to unfold. When we are no longer moved by celebrities who make no pretense of not being worthy of worship, when we deny the loudest voices who insist we move this way or that in order to join the cool kids or maintain ‘relevance’, then we can start to reclaim what is ours.

Love really is the answer. But it is not something we can truly experience when we express it in relation to a new shade of lipstick or a tv show. Love is something you feel in your heart after you’ve gained some amount of mental freedom from the trappings of the external world we inhabit. Love is a vibration that has no beginning or end, but one we need to clear the way for like removing unwanted static that prevents it from reconnecting. By allowing our hearts to expand in this way, what we call love courses through our bodies and eliminates the darkness that has prevented us from reaching a higher vibration, only then we can understand what it is to love ourselves and to truly love someone else in return.

Now imagine a love vibration and a purity that gains strength and intensity with each connection. This love vibration extends back to us and that feeling is what true love is. And the beauty of love is that it is unstoppable and is capable of awakening the darkest of hearts and the most stubborn of nihilistic non-believers of truth and reason.

Contact me for a personal, in depth reading that will reveal truths that you are ready to hear.

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