What Is Truth?

From Issue #1 of The Deprogrammer. What is Truth?

What I consider truth may run counter to the opinions of others. But when I deem something a truth, it resonates deeply and I seldom feel the need to verify it beyond my own instincts. My truths strike a chord of authenticity whether I know them to be true based on personal experience and learned wisdom or not. I believe truth can come from gained experience as well as from faith or a belief that we can connect to information and knowledge outside of our physical bodies.  We can’t really prove the results of faith, but the people who trust it know when it is working for them. This is a difficult thing to explain or accept in itself as truth until you’ve experienced it for yourself. Do we arrive at truth by sacrificing our own individual experience and instincts to those who claim their truth is more valid? Do relentless pressures applied by hidden agendas, social concerns and global bullying cancel out your truth? Have we allowed ourselves to be weakened by these pressures enough to believe that what we think doesn’t matter? How can our own intuition and truth gained through experience ever be less true or meaningful than ideologies forced upon us? They can’t. So take this all into consideration and allow your own sense of knowing to blossom by holding yourself up to a higher standard that doesn’t need the approval of someone designated as the ‘authority’. We can be the authorities of our own destiny, that’s not for someone else to decide.

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