Does The Matrix Have You?

An excerpt from Issue #1 of The Deprogrammer.

What IS the Matrix? The Matrix is the images our mind constructs when forming our perception of reality and the emotions we attach to the situations that are constructed in the mind by the Matrix.

Escaping the Matrix can start by knowing that it’s there and avoiding its demands. But once acknowledged, the powers of the Matrix can create disruptions in all parts of life where others cling to its established programming.

Simply stated, The Matrix foundation is built on lies and suppression, put in place in order to control and manipulate. It relies on a mindset mired in convenience, convention and ‘fairness’. It’s the mindset that cheered the microwave oven and pre-packaged foods. The mindset that accepted the lowering of standards to be more inclusive of lesser talents. The mindset that sneered at responsibility and demanded a bacteria-killing, money back guarantee and free membership. The mindset that denies reason. The mindset that sacrifices itself. I’m talking about the mindset that was created out of ideologies that you never willingly agreed to.

But the Matrix protects us from harm and keeps us safe in our honeycomb homes.  This, the same wonderful Matrix that reminds us when our Mother’s birthday is. It warns us about improper use of language and saves us time by eliminating routes, options and possibilities. This is the thoughtful Matrix that suggests products to buy, movies to see and people to befriend. It will even deliver food to our upturned mouths if we allow it. The wise, all-knowing Matrix tells us when to laugh, cry or resist. The progressive Matrix that redefines our words and histories just so we’re all on the same page.

But the Matrix is more than something we can turn on or off. It is a system that creates manufactured belief systems that are designed to turn against us if it finds we are resisting its ill effects. It protects, archives, and verifies as well as reports, trolls, monitors and bullies. The Matrix remembers and holds grudges.

To escape the Matrix we must understand perception and purpose. It would be unfair to impose ideas of purpose when the seeker is looking for his own answers. Some things are meant to be pondered, to be respectfully considered and given the time due it by each person who walks a path that leads them to consider these things. The initiate can be shown the door. He thinks and reasons and enters on his own.

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