Thoughts on Virtue; The Deprogrammer #2

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In issue #2 of The Deprogrammer, I wrote a bit about virtue and some of the variations of what some people consider virtuous behavior today. Here is an except. If this is something you enjoy, I hope you will consider signing up for the newsletter which is sent out FREE as a PDF document. Hard copies are also available. See link below.

In this age of information and spiritual warfare, I’ve often puzzled over why some people, when confronted with irrefutable truth, still refuse to acknowledge facts when they see them. At first I viewed this behavior as part of their mind-control programming. A mile-wide blindspot that could consume truth and anything else that contradicted established beliefs. I thought the refusal to acknowledge truth was a simple survival mechanism employed to combat the ill-effects of self-deception. But what is this programming that violates natural law and prompts the victim into perverting actual virtue by weaponizing it?

Alternatives to the mainstream media and the much welcome voices of indie journalists have made it easier for us to see how nefarious the deception really is. Nearly every day there are examples of misinformation that is fed to the public. I don’t want to use this space to catalogue it because if you were doing any homework, you’d already know it to be true by the number of lawsuits alone. But the January 14th/15th Project Veritas video releases of Bernie Sanders field organizer Kyle Jurek surprised me. (Note: More shocking organizer revelations have been revealed since this writing with Sanders still not disavowing calls for violence.)   The videos depict a man who appears by all accounts to believe everything he says. He is committed to doing the right thing and it’s not hard to give support to some of his ideas, because honestly, who wouldn’t want to eliminate fascism? But in doing what he knows to be right, he is willing to have executed those who see things differently. He believes that Communist style gulags are too good for those who don’t see things his way or who are not supportive enough of Bernie.  The Sanders-Antifa supporter says, “The only thing that fascists understand is violence. So, the only way you can confront them is with violence.” Sincere as he may feel to be, too many people like him refuse to see how they perfectly embody the behavior of those that they would like to see removed from society. They remain completely unaware of their hypocracy or the role that positive virtue should play in activism—or that either is of any importance at all. This type of social justice is a result of indoctrination and propaganda that relies on cognitive dissonance and fear to motivate automaton activists that will do the work of those whose aims are very far from creating utopian societies.

If we can accept that mind-control programming and indoctrination contributes to the type of activism mentioned, then we can believe that there are triggers of mind taking place that allow some to further their agendas by labeling opposition as racist, fascist, transist, etc. The accusations, no matter how weak or how far-fetched, may not even matter as much as announcing to the world that they, the accusers, are better than those being accused and that their goals should be reached by any means necessary.  The accusers being good people feel justified in their violence and oppression of others. Virtue signalling is insidious, not just because it fails to actually point out bad behavior and immorality, but that it prevents actual instances of negative virtue to be called out on because in a world where ‘up is down’ and 2+2 does not equal 4, calling the kettle black becomes a difficult proposition. 

There is an ancient truth about virtuous behavior—that it ceases to be virtuous when it’s bragged about. If someone needs to feel good about their acts of virtue and is compelled to make sure everyone knows about their ‘good deeds’, then they are only performing acts of narcissism and their deeds are nothing more than self-serving put-ons designed to make themselves look and feel good. Acceptance and belief in these self-deceptions only contributes to and feeds the Matrix of inversion. 

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