More Thoughts About Virtue

Hi Everyone,

This is something I wrote about virtue that is included in Issue #2 of The Deprogrammer.

My journey has encouraged me to ponder subjects of eternal importance and for that I am grateful. Contemplation of things like virtue also brings into view the fact that there is a serious shortage of the stuff.  It’s also provided me with an awareness that I have suffered a deficiency for much of my life. I like to think that I’ve always been a good person, but I’ve celebrated and entertained myself with the immoral and baseless. I bought into the comedy and irreverence of turning beauty into filth and felt that being in opposition to virtuous ideas was edgy and punk rock. But punk rock really and truly is dead.  

I’ve learned that virtue is something you feel, not something you do. Virtue is an expression of love and good will without attachments or expectations. Virtuous behavior doesn’t require press releases, Facebook updates or other acts of narcissism. 

Virtuous behavior reveals the source of pain, dis-ease and the destructiveness of narcissism. It also warms icy hearts and opens a door of incredible possibility.  I believe that good virtue feeds the soul and helps create understanding and awareness when there was previously darkness. Possessing good virtue feels like there is a proper prioritization taking place that helps create alignment and balance. It’s the individual who benefits the most from his own true virtuous acts.  Be good to yourself, love yourself, express true feelings of virtue and you’ll see that your rewards are far greater than undeserved accolades. 

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