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Perhaps our authenticity begins to fade as infants, the moment we gain awareness and start to mimic the behavior of others. What starts out naturally enough turns quickly to attention seeking and validation desperation. It’s then that we’ve turned from innocent child to targeted victim of mass marketing, a demographic to control. As our innocence fades, we learn the art of manipulation and shaming, strong-arming our parents and those with the means to satisfy our growing hunger for the material things that will assist us in creating perceptions about our identities.

We apply layer upon layer of ‘character’ and style to ourselves—the make-up, hair, clothes, the accoutrements of bondage. We flash the shiny new things that lured us with the marketing genius of pretty packaging and hype and as we assemble and present ourselves to the world, we often imagine that we’re unique and the ‘identities’ we’ve created are authentic and, we hope, enviable. 

But we do live in a physical world where there is no escape from material things and as participants in this physical realm, there is no reason why we need to avoid what it offers and we should certainly enjoy what this mundane experience presents. We shouldn’t deprive ourselves, we should treat ourselves to the things that we are attracted to, the clothes that make us feel good, the hairstyles that suit our personalities and lifestyle, but in enjoying these manifestations of the physical world, it’s important to remember that those things do not identify who we are. We are not defined by the labels we wear, our neighborhoods or party affiliation. Any attempts to convey anything about our true selves with branding or baubles is a deception. The baubles are an illusion.

Marketing exploits our natural desire to explore and become. The Matrix system dictates just how, when and what we become. By forcing options and ideals upon us, it gives the impression of discovery and choice, but in the process we begin forfeiting a natural journey of self discovery and the possibility of truth is replaced by illusion. 

I believe that our authenticity is stirred when we feel and acknowledge a sacred spark that lies within us. When a higher voice of consciousness that comes from beyond our physical selves gives us confirmation that our prayers and desires were heard. We are moved to begin accepting the concept of universal magic when we see that we’ve been rewarded with wisdom that comes from selfless acts of love and gratitude. 

When we finally feel, hear and begin to understand the laws of nature, the superfluous falls away. What we once saw as so important or imagined had so much value is suddenly experienced with eyes seeing as if for the first time.  Perhaps when we get a taste of this consciousness, we reconnect with a truth that allows us to be who we were meant to be without the mundane trappings used to create personas that speak of grasping and aim to inspire envy or project superiority. 

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