How To Fly, A Spiritual Guide

What prevents us from flying is when we stay within the boundaries of the known and maintain the stubborn ideas we have of consciousness.  Failure to fly is only seeing what is around us and deciding that that’s all there is. When we loosen our grip on all that we think we know and what we allow ourselves to believe in, our higher self can begin to control the Chariot.  Learning to fly requires harnessing your personal powers and understanding your self image without the use of your senses. It demands forgiveness. It also means letting go of consciousness dulling habits and ideologies. It means an end to distractions, pettiness and the fault-finding we inflict on others and ourselves.  It demands a harmonious balance of light and dark, severity and mercy that work together and assist in breaking that hard crust of conditioning that forever keeps us rooted to the physical plane. To fly we must address fears that cultivate inner disharmony and deny fears brought about by fear-mongering and those whose aim is to bring your vibrancy down to a deadened level that matches their own. All types of flying, spiritual and physical, are done through balance and seeing where your metaphorical garden needs weeding, where it needs planting, where it needs the sun and where it needs the moon. DM for a private consultation.

Contact me for a personal, in depth reading that will reveal truths that you are ready to hear.

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