Secrets of Believing

Reaching true belief in something requires sometimes admitting that we don’t believe in the things that we want desperately to believe in.  I don’t mean to sound so confusing, but our minds work in convoluted fashions to help us maintain flawed belief systems. We make allowances and excuses when what we believe in breaks down just so we can continue holding it up as what is true or right. 

Belief in something doesn’t mean appropriating the words of others and passing them off as your own beliefs. To reach a state of true belief, you actually have to let go of all the other opinions and release your hold on all the things you think you ‘love’. It means reassessing the meaning of love and noticing all the times we profess to ‘love’ people and ideas that would  be better placed at the opposite end of the spectrum. The meaning of the word LOVE must be understood without taint in order to believe in anything. It requires righting the wrongs that have been imposed on our minds.

Knowing what to believe in can be understood through a stillness of the mind. Like The Star of the tarot, delve deep into the waters of your consciousness for the answers to be provided to you. When you feel lightness and stirring in your heart, that is a sign of accessing beauty. Then you will see clearly that beauty is an essential part of anything worth believing in.

Contact me for a personal, in depth reading that will reveal truths that you are ready to hear.

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