Our Minds Will Take Us To A Dark Place Or A Light Place, We Decide Which

I’ve been feeling residual energy coming from people who, I guess you could say, seem really stressed out. They opt in to worst case scenario situations, they share their miseries on social media and get ‘likes’ in exchange for the pain they spread to others. It’s as if some of us don’t realize we have other options than to choose doom and gloom.

Maybe it’s all this energy floating around that I had a dream last night where I held the hand of a woman while she was having a stroke. I comforted her during the event. I then experienced the start of nuclear holocaust as a mushroom cloud exploded and rose into the sky not far from where I stood. Based on some reading I was doing, I came to the conclusion that the dream was related to ‘concentration’ and how the hysteria surrounding the corona.virus created a perfect example of contrasting choices. Do we focus on the usual 50,000 deaths this season caused by the flu or the handful of deaths by the fear virus? Which way do we choose to let our minds take us in any given situation? The cards provided an exquisitely precise response. 

What we have the power to concentrate on exists on a simple scale of what is good vs. what is bad. On that scale are negative thoughts and positive thoughts. It encompasses thoughts and deeds that are beneficial to ourselves and others as well as the stuff that is harmful. If we can eliminate the pressures that influence our choices, the decisions we need to make are very simple–good or bad? But, sadly, ‘bad’ is profitable and is something the media will not willingly shelve, so our other decision to make is, how much do we want to be influenced? If we don’t push back and just absorb all that is put before us, we are experiencing a forced concentration that is determining what we will end up thinking about and ultimately what we will end up experiencing.

Concentration does not just have to entail sitting quietly focused on one thing for an extended period of time. It can mean ignoring the smoke and mirrors and paying attention to the forgotten, the details and especially to yourself. In this instance, I believe that the most important element of concentration is clearing the mind. Struggle if you must, but give yourself the time each day to prove that you are not the prey. Concentration, unfortunately, first requires removing the chains of bondage that come in so many forms.

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