Secrets of Renewal

Renewal can only happen when we look at our lives and admit that there are bits that need to be changed. It’s easy to focus on things like physical transformation, losing weight or changing our appearance, etc. but that is not renewal. You might say these things make you feel like a new person, but real renewal starts to take place from within.  The pain and discomfort of our stirring emotions needs to be felt. We need to admit to ourselves whether that pain is because we are devoid of certain things and people in our lives or if it exists because they’re already a part of our lives. 

The end of delusion is represented in the Queen of Swords. Use her strength to combat emotional weakness that continues to ensure that your renewal never takes place. Some people may even experience recurring issues that they say they would like to change, but when push comes to shove, they give in and accept that this is what they ‘deserve’. This is an emotional bondage that demands the warrior within to push back on. Your mantra for today is: “I will not be blinded by my emotions and I can take the pain that is required to renew myself.”

Contact me for a personal, in depth reading that will reveal truths that you are ready to hear.

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