Can Our PERCEPTION Get Us Through Difficult Times?

Do you need a reading that will provide clarity and greater perception during this remarkable time? Contact me or tell a friend who may be in need.

I gave a client reading yesterday that revealed problems to do with perception. There were avenues of recovery and ways to regain vision, but the blindness had manifested into a destructive force, it was as if everything that mattered was held in bondage. The oracle revealed that it was an illusion that was made real, at least in the mind, and a willingness to have faith in the unwanted.

One of the tarot cards defining the coronavirus pandemic is the 8 of Wands. More accurately, I would say it defines the hysteria around the virus. This card appeared in the same spot, two readings in a row and is at the heart of the perception issue. How are we dealing with things coming at us? Is everything an overwhelming burden or is it business as usual, but just under different circumstances? Are those barricades blocking your way or simply hurdles to jump over? How we perceive everything coming at us will determine the outcome of our states of mind.

Problems of perception that affect all aspects of experience occur when we accept the idea that we have no options; when we don’t see the opportunities that come with inconvenience; when we refuse to acknowledge our own inner strength and accept invisible enemies as being stronger, perhaps worst of all, we suffer unnecessarily when we don’t even know that we’ve placed ourselves in this position. It’s our willing blindness that allows us to see only the insignificant things we may currently be deprived of or are missing out on and in our recklessness we become greedy, fearful, very low vibrational people who can’t see that we’ve been given an opportunity to reclaim something many of us lost long ago.

Contact me for a personal, in depth reading that will reveal truths that you are ready to hear.

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