I am a writer and Intuitive Life Counselor. My work is about improvements and clarity.

I work with clients to attain goals by helping to remove mental roadblocks that prevent them from making clear decisions.  I offer inroads of understanding and insight that broadens perspectives and creates greater opporunities to succeed and to better understand the world in which we operate.

Much of my client work revolves around real world troubles and issues that we all face: work, love, relationships, money, personal anxieties, avoidances, etc.

As an Intuitive Counselor, I operate in a non-traditional approach to healing that belies my life coach training. My insights are a combination of real world experience, logic, reasoning, and symbolism brought to my attention in my dreams, and client tarot readings.  My book Toxic Rainbows can be used as a primer for preparing the self for change. It will give you answers as to why we fall into unwanted patterns and the trappings of tech. Reading the book is not necessary to working with you, but it does provide some background and insight into my own story.

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If you are unsure or have questions about working together, I can provide time to speak with you by phone to address any questions you may have at no cost.

Single Session consultation: $40
4 Sessions: $125
Group Events: Contact me for pricing.

Sessions generally run 25-40 minutes and are conducted by phone.

I also offer Specials at a greatly reduced rate on Instagram. Follow me there to take advantage of these offers.

Jim Lucio studied as a life coach with the International Coaching Federation and lives on the East Coast of the United States.