This is something I wrote for Issue #2 of The Deprogrammer. Consider signing up for a FREE subscription. You will be notified when each new issue is out and given a link for a free download. Perhaps our authenticity begins to fade as infants, the moment we gain awareness and start to mimic the behaviorContinue reading “Thoughts About AUTHENTICITY”

More Thoughts About Virtue

Hi Everyone, This is something I wrote about virtue that is included in Issue #2 of The Deprogrammer. My journey has encouraged me to ponder subjects of eternal importance and for that I am grateful. Contemplation of things like virtue also brings into view the fact that there is a serious shortage of the stuff. Continue reading “More Thoughts About Virtue”

Thoughts on Virtue; The Deprogrammer #2

Free PDF copies of The Deprogrammer are available by request. By joining the mailing list, you will receive each issue in your mailbox at no cost. PRINTED copies are also available for only $2.50 (shipping included). To Donate or Purchase. In issue #2 of The Deprogrammer, I wrote a bit about virtue and some ofContinue reading “Thoughts on Virtue; The Deprogrammer #2”

Does The Matrix Have You?

An excerpt from Issue #1 of The Deprogrammer. What IS the Matrix? The Matrix is the images our mind constructs when forming our perception of reality and the emotions we attach to the situations that are constructed in the mind by the Matrix. Escaping the Matrix can start by knowing that it’s there and avoidingContinue reading “Does The Matrix Have You?”

What Is Truth?

From Issue #1 of The Deprogrammer. What is Truth? What I consider truth may run counter to the opinions of others. But when I deem something a truth, it resonates deeply and I seldom feel the need to verify it beyond my own instincts. My truths strike a chord of authenticity whether I know themContinue reading “What Is Truth?”

The Deprogrammer #2 Out Now!

The Deprogrammer is a newsletter of Philosophy, Mind Control, Propaganda and Esoteric Knowledge. Virtue is the main theme of The Deprogrammer #2. I also talk a bit about authenticity and some of the delusion attached to it. This issue also includes what I hope to be a regular feature, a stand alone insert zine calledContinue reading “The Deprogrammer #2 Out Now!”

Love and How To Get It

When we FREE OUR MINDS of all that enslaves us—the physical distractions, the upgrades, the shiny new things we can take selfies with—all that useless stuff that’s been put in our path to fragment and create feelings of desire and lack—when we start to do that, the mysteries of life begin to unfold. When weContinue reading “Love and How To Get It”

Preparing For the MOAB and Making It Work For You

My morning card pull from the Daniel Martin Diaz Enigma oracle deck continues with The Bell. The Bell signals a time for reaction; a time to compensate for allowing too much of a bad thing to influence our minds, bodies and spirits. The Art of War by Sun Tzu would suggest that we let ourContinue reading “Preparing For the MOAB and Making It Work For You”

Connecting To A Higher Source

We often look at the possibility of opportunity and adventure by perusing enticing magazines or websites that give us a taste of a life that seems out of reach to us. The wonderful imagery of the Visitation card is not about little green men, but it does represent a higher knowledge outside of ourselves. OpportunitiesContinue reading “Connecting To A Higher Source”

THE MOTH. How are you transmuting?

We all begin our journey as moths, fluttering around the first bit of light we encounter, bouncing ridiculously into the brightness or burning up in its flame. Often we are unable to reach its source, completely unaware that more light exists elsewhere and most importantly within ourselves.  Until we rediscover and release the light thatContinue reading “THE MOTH. How are you transmuting?”