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Are you looking for truth? Freedom of expression? Or answers in the inverted world in which we live? The Deprogrammer offers an alternative view to the false reality we are fed by the mainstream and social medias. We tear down the curtain of deception by looking at symbolism and propaganda in order to discern the truth.

I also reflect on topics such as virtue, will and purpose and how our true nature is being systematically degraded.

Also included in each issue of The Deprogrammer is, Victims of Cinema, an insert examining Predictive Programming, Symbolism and Conditioning in film and television.

Why I started The Deprogrammer. Anyone paying attention knows that we are in the midst of an information and spiritual war. For years I’ve watched and felt so much gratitude for all of the independent journalists and truth seekers who did so much research, reporting and digging to provide us with real news, but I needed to actively participate, not just ‘Like, share and subscribe.” The Deprogrammer is my way of contributing and to add one more voice to the ever increasing sound of people waking up to truth. I encourage reproducing, sharing and distributing this newsletter as far and as wide as you like.

To support my work and The Deprogrammer, donations can be made through PayPal which will also put you on the mailing list to receive FREE PDF copies of each issue. To purchase a printed copy or multiple copies contact Jim at: Deprogram@Protonmail.com

My book Toxic Rainbows covers similar topics.
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Surviving and Thriving in the New Babylon

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