JimSmHELLO!  Thank you for your interets in my Life Design services.

I believe we are living in a time of great emotional and spiritual manipulation. We suffer unnecessarily, cling to trauma and can barely see the world before us to make the positive changes we need. I am here to help lead those awakening seekers out of the darkness of  what I call the New Babylon.

I use a combination of coaching techniques and Hermetic principles of philosophy and Natural Law as a basis for the work I do with clients. I also incorporate cognitive intuition, a natural ability that works in tandem with the ancient art of the tarot and reflective meditation.

The aim of my work is to help you observe and trust your own intuition, to create a purposeful life of intention and to operate with improved emotional awareness.

Your awakening of consciousness is a blossoming that comes with knowing your self and connecting to the ultimate power source. Once connected you will also know your purpose and life will never be the same.

Let me show you what’s worked for me and how you can start to experience life like you never have before.

Ask and it shall be given you; seek and ye shall find; knock and it shall be opened to you. –Matthew 7:7


A TRANSFORMATIVE 5 Week Program – $499
Each week is designed with a specific focus in mind, each building on what you learn about yourself, others and what you come to understand about the world around us.

The Program includes:

  • My book, Toxic Rainbows is provided to each registrant.  The book offers more insight to the weekly work, my personal experiences and a Generation X perspective that transcends a strictly post-Internet experience and view of the world.
  • Weekly Exercises and Review.
  • Weekly phone meetings, 50-minutes (Plus additional 20-minute first week phone meeting.)
  • Initiatory tarot consultation and follow-up if needed.
  • Email and Text follow-up during the week addressing your progress and reading questions.

Intro week to the 5-Week program. A good option for someone who wants to get their feet wet, but can’t commit to the full 5 weeks. Includes the book Toxic Rainbows, Week’s Exercises and Review, Follow-Up and Initiatory tarot consultation.

Intuitive and revealing reading that typically covers situation in which you are in now with outlook for the future.  Readings can express psychological insight and hidden motivations of others as well as areas of focus that may not be apparent to you.

REIKI – Contact me about distant energy healing through Reiki.


Who’s ready to start flying through life? That’s what you were meant to do, so let’s do it.

Love & Healing, Jim

You can reach me here or at the email noted below: CONTACT

I have juggled many careers and have had multiple ‘Dream Jobs’ all of which contributed in their own way to leading me to the most awe inspiring work of coaching and what I call Life Design.  I studied through ICF (International Life Coach Federation), but my real training was living life, taking chances, making mistakes and paying close attention.

I am also claircognitive and a practitioner of the ancient art of tarot, which often makes insight a little more accessible to me than to the average person.  Perhaps my greatest advantage was growing up pre-Internet and possessing an authentic Generation X perspective that is unknown to those born after the mid-80s–we see things.
Toxic Rainbows is my first book.