Conditioning and the Mainstreaming of Cults

This is something I wrote for Issue #3 of The Deprogrammer. Consider signing up for a FREE subscription. You will be notified when each new issue is out and given a link for a free download. Cult leadership has gone mainstream. It’s no surprise how easily we can be manipulated when every other week theContinue reading “Conditioning and the Mainstreaming of Cults”


This is something I wrote for Issue #2 of The Deprogrammer. Consider signing up for a FREE subscription. You will be notified when each new issue is out and given a link for a free download. Perhaps our authenticity begins to fade as infants, the moment we gain awareness and start to mimic the behaviorContinue reading “Thoughts About AUTHENTICITY”

More Thoughts About Virtue

Hi Everyone, This is something I wrote about virtue that is included in Issue #2 of The Deprogrammer. My journey has encouraged me to ponder subjects of eternal importance and for that I am grateful. Contemplation of things like virtue also brings into view the fact that there is a serious shortage of the stuff. Continue reading “More Thoughts About Virtue”

Thoughts on Virtue; The Deprogrammer #2

Free PDF copies of The Deprogrammer are available by request. By joining the mailing list, you will receive each issue in your mailbox at no cost. PRINTED copies are also available for only $2.50 (shipping included). To Donate or Purchase. In issue #2 of The Deprogrammer, I wrote a bit about virtue and some ofContinue reading “Thoughts on Virtue; The Deprogrammer #2”

The Deprogrammer #2 Out Now!

The Deprogrammer is a newsletter of Philosophy, Mind Control, Propaganda and Esoteric Knowledge. Virtue is the main theme of The Deprogrammer #2. I also talk a bit about authenticity and some of the delusion attached to it. This issue also includes what I hope to be a regular feature, a stand alone insert zine calledContinue reading “The Deprogrammer #2 Out Now!”

The Truth About Weakness

Seneca, the Roman Stoic philosopher, said that all savageness or cruelty is a sign of weakness. I love this concept and it has inspired me to reflect on its truth. Our weaknesses are not confirmed when we are physically dominated by someone else. True, debilitating weakness reveals itself in those who lack empathy and intelligence. Continue reading “The Truth About Weakness”

The Truth About Individuality

The struggle for individuality is real. It’s a sad irony that it persists only because we judge others and wage war against those we don’t understand. When we become threatened by the individual whose expressions run counter to anything we like or comprehend, it is easy for some of us to condemn them for it.Continue reading “The Truth About Individuality”

The Truth About Pride

If I were not a gay man, I would be accused of homophobia for saying this, but pride is not defined as a summer month celebrating homosexuality.  The media might have us believe that the only definition of ‘pride’ is purely associated with being gay and that after June we don’t need to think aboutContinue reading “The Truth About Pride”


Inversion and selfishness are at the root of all lies. Lies are not just the inversion of truth, but the inversion and destruction of reason. A lying individual may take up the practice not just to get his way, but for reasons he views as being purely practical.  He may not be clever enough toContinue reading “THE TRUTH ABOUT LIES”

The Truth About Gang Theory

These days hatred is expressed much more openly, loudly and without thinking than is love.  Equilibrium then becomes largely unattainable and imbalance is accepted as normal. Even for those who don’t think in such terms or understand the Law of Polarity, they do feel the effects of imbalance and know that something is not right,Continue reading “The Truth About Gang Theory”