The Tarot Reading

As an Intuitive Counselor, my personal intention is to awaken something dormant within you, to reignite a spark and to shine light on the dark corners of your life that are in need of illumination. The cards are a tool that assist in answering questions and creating awareness within the querent and the results are undeniable.

I predominantly work with clients in obtaining answers pertaining to relationships, work and finances, but my overarching aim as an intuitive reader and guide is to offer more.  My readings are thorough and go beyond ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answers. I will see connections to problems, solutions and roadblocks you may not be aware of. It is my intention to keep you moving in a forward and awakened state–to empower you.

Each reading will be in direct response to your query. There will always be takeaways to contemplate on and ideas to learn from.

For your reading I will do a 10-Card Celtic Cross spread which will generally confirm where you are in your life particularly with regard to your query.  The cards coupled with my intuitive skills will guide you to the best outcome and offer information on the best approach to confronting issues that you are facing.

How It Works

We will schedule a time to talk by phone. I will shuffle the cards while you contemplate your question or concern. Once I lay out the cards, I will take a photo, text it to you and call you to discuss your reading.


Contact me at the link above to make an appointment or if you have any questions.
Currently a reading of approximately 30 minutes is only $15 for my time. Payments can be made through PayPal or Venmo.

Paypal: librocioknows@gmail.com

Venmo: @Jim-Lucio


“I give 100% highest recommendation.  His readings are really very fresh and invigirating and incredibly useful.” – Thomas O.

“You have helped me believe in myself again and for that I am eternally grateful.” – Alessandra

“Thank you so much for the amazing reading. You truly have a gift.” – Stefan

“My life had just flipped upside down. Jim gave me the strength to move forward.  Everything he has told me has been true and correct and there is no denying that he is very in tune in his understanding of the cards.  He’s revealed things that have panned out in a way that I did not see them coming until they started unfolding in my life as he said they would.  He truly made me a believer and I’ve reached out several times since.” – Caroline D.

“I am thankful you are in the world.” – Lynn C.