Toxic Rainbows

ToxicRainbows Book
Toxic Rainbows now in paperback.

Toxic Rainbows: Surviving and Thriving in the New Babylon explores spiritual growth in the digital age and its inherent ties to creativity, love and expression. In this work, the author proposes self-discovery by addressing hidden fears, perceptions and faulty paradigms to create more fulfilling lives through the discovery of individual creative expression.

Toxic Rainbows is a book I had no intention of writing, but it came out of necessity.  It wrote itself after a few years of self-reflection and contemplation of how as a society we are to function spiritually in a world where spiritual transformation plateaus with a hollow meme with a celebrity endorsement.

I am a Generation X writer with the perspective of having experienced life pre- and post-internet. The remarkable experience for some of us was watching life unfold as a veil of delusion was constructed around us. We have the capacity for second sight because we can see the realities of two worlds, the truth and a manufactured delusion.

Toxic Rainbows is based on my experience of growing up outside of a system we are now mired in, entering into it and finally extricating myself from it by understanding how I became a part of the system and how we had become enslaved by it.

Toxic Rainbows is a book about awareness and self discovery that offers revelations and sometimes unpleasant truth that pertains to everyone. It is a manual for escape and a guide to obtain the joy and freedoms that are missing from so many of our lives. It’s an alternate route to a much better Oz, a place where true enlightenment can be obtained without fear of falling victim to the falseness that surrounds us or the trappings of the faux New Age.

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Jim Lucio